The Association
Academy of Punto Assisi” was founded in 1998 on a ministerial project.
One of its first items is to promote and valorise the culture of the artisan, artistic- activities of the territory of Assisi and in particular the typical and traditional hand-made embroidery “PUNTO ASSISI” and “ MADAMA CATERINA”.

From 2000 the academy is organising lectures of embroidery of Punto Assisi and Madame Catering in its laboratory situated in Via Metastasio 18 in Assisi.
The final intent is to give to the young and the less young the possibility to learn a fine Art, which is disappearing, (supplanted by machine), the opportunities of a change, experiences, dialog, collaboration socialization and a point meeting under the sign of an elegant womanly art.

The statuteof the association has for aim to defend the artistic heritage and the hand-made embroidery, and to protect the workers and the image of the city.

The academy is member of the Italian association “Città dei Merletti” founded in Isernia in 2000, and has registered the trademark PUNTO ASSISI in 2002.

The association organize courses, expositions and shows.